MythoCreatology - Australian Fantasy by Ian Coate
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Good try - you Cheeky Devil!
The Vault is still under construction – how could you possibly have the password.

Please ‘drop in’ later.
Drop bear – Drop in. Hahahahaaa.
Ah, you guys have no sense of humour!

Drop bears
Vault Construction

A recent interview with the Curator of the Vault: Professor I. M. Fullovitt. BAF, FLE, DRI, BLE.

Journalist: Thanks for agreeing to this interview, Professor. May we start by asking: What are you?

Prof. Fullovitt : I'm hungry; it's nearly lunch time. Next question, please.

Journalist: Some people have suggested that Mythocreatology and the Vault is one big hoax. How do do you respond?

Prof. Fullovitt: That's ridiculous! Mythocreatology and the Vault is as real as I am.

Journalist: What about the alleged photo sightings - some of them look pretty fake.

Prof. Fullovitt: No, apart from the fabricated ones, they are all one hundred percent fair-dinkum.

Journalist: It has also been said that these magical creatures from Australian mythocreatology are just made up.

Prof. Fullovitt: Poppycock! Things don't go just making themselves up. Lets be scientific. Over millions of years, through many accumulated small changes, these amazing creatures made themselves up.

Journalist: Can you show me some evidence to back what you are saying?

Prof. Fullovitt: Well, to be frank, we have a few 'missing links', but doesn't every theory.

Journalist: So you believe these strange creatures actually exist.

Prof. Fullovitt: Absolutely. Apart from the ones that are made up.

Journalist: How have these mythocreats avoided detection for so long.

Prof. Fullovitt: Mostly through magical means and camoflauge.

Journalist: Can humans learn magic?

Prof. Fullovitt: Absolutely not! Humans are strictly forbidden the use of magic - you have technology. Bad things always happen when humans dabble in magic. Actually, there is an must-read story of a famous opera singer drawn to magic to solve her problems.  She was fortunate; it nearly ended in tragedy for her. Check it out - it's in the book section. (The Opera Singer.) How's that for a plug!

Journalist: So can mythocreats use technology?

Prof. Fullovitt: No, mythocreats are forbidden the use of technology, in fact it scares them silly. That is why mythocreatologists who study mythocreats have to leave behind all their techno stuff when they go into the field.

Journalist: What do mythocreats do for entertainment - do the have music?

Prof. Fullovitt: Sure! In fact I have just re-written "Advance Australia". Do you want to here it? Well, I'm gonna sing it anyway!


Australia all let us rejoice,
For we’re a cool country;
Our creatures are so bloody big,
They’d make a dragon pee;
Our land abounds with deadly stuff;
The weak do not survive;
So lock ya gates and warn ya mates,

Fair Dinkum mate, again I state,

Beneath our radiant Southern Cross
Adventure is four-score;
We have the best of everything;
Now Hogwarts is a bore.
For those who’ve come across the seas,
They probably won’t survive;
So lock ya gates and warn ya mates,

Fair Dinkum mate, again I state,

Designed by Ian & Sue Coate (Copyright - Ian Coate)