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Australian Mythical Creatures

Kip Nutter Author of Mythic AustraliaKip NutterUnknown to most Aussies, their country can claim a magical heritage that is probably the greatest in the world: it is home to a treasure trove of strange magical creatures that have even stranger habits.  These magical creatures are simply known as mythics.

Mythics come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are cute and some are very deadly – Australia is a place where dragons are not on top of the food chain.  Some mythics are so powerful they could pluck a dragon’s wings off like you could pluck a blowfly’s.

Mythics live in Australia’s many environments.  Some can be found in Australia’s lush rainforests, its arid deserts or hiding within the country’s mountain ranges (which get more snow than Switzerland).  Some reside in its rich wetlands and farmlands, while others are deep within Australia’s unfathomable cave networks.  And many are living comfortably on the tropical beaches and stunning reefs that Australia is famous for.

Australian Magical Creatures
Kip Nutter Pip Squeak With the aid of my little green mate, Pip, I have been researching my fellow mythics, examining their strengths, weakness and quirks, to provide a comprehensive Bush Guide to Australia’s magical creatures.
Australian Magical and Mythical Creatures
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