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About Australian Drop Bears

The drop bear has long remained undetected in the Australian bush, but over the years many people have become aware of this Aussie predator lurking high in the gum trees.


Due to huge public interest,
here's a few more facts about Drop Bears.

Drop BearsStories of drop bears are whispered around campfires.  Bush guides warn unsuspecting tourists.  Rangers put out signs.  Aussie soldiers are trained to avoid them, and the scouts are always prepared for drop bears.
If you haven’t heard about Australia’s drop bear - where have you been?

Even though Drop Bears are suppose to be a national secret, it seems everyone knows of their existence. Drop Bears, like their smaller cousins the koalas, are not actually bears - but sadly the bear label has stuck. When they are young, they drop from trees aiming at small targets - like your hat. As they grow in size they drop on larger targets - like your car.

Drop BearsUnknown to many, drop bears vary greatly in size.  The Common Drop Bear (which most people are familiar) can grow up to 1 meter.  However, the lesser known species, the Mammoth Drop Bear, can grow to a massive five meters.


Drop BearThey were discovered when the first settlers entered our large forests (or, more correctly put, when Drop Bears discovered the settlers).  When the settlers drove their wagons under the huge trees, Drop Bears leaped from the top branches and crushed their wagons.  No vehicle could enter our great forests without being turned into a million splinters.

dropbearsToday, not much is known about the Drop Bear, unless you ask an old soldier, who will tell you all about them.  When World War One started and Australia feared it would be invaded, a cunning defence plan was devised involving the Drop Bears. Because no one could get past them, Drop Bears became Australia’s secret weapon, trained to squash invading tanks and vehicles. This training continues today.

The Mammoth Drop Bears’ location is a military secret.  They are trained in undisclosed military bases.  However, due to their need for large trees, we can assume these military bases are in Australia’s big forests.

Sightings are rare, but every so often a drop bear is filmed or caught on camera and this gives us an insight into their way of life.

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Drop Bear SightingPRESS HERE to view the film footage of renowned MythoCreatologist, Professor Jack A. Roo as he tracks the elusive Drop Bear.
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Further information about drop bears will be published soon in the:

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Drop Bears
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