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Australian Wetlands

Australian River Serpent by Ian CoateNAME: River Serpent

Every river system has a family of River Serpents living in it usually consisting of a mother, a father and one young serpent. River Serpents take hundreds of years to grow. Once they reach maturity, they leave their parents, search for a mate and start digging out a new river to call their own. The beak of the River Serpent is like an enormous shovel which enables them to dig a new river branching away from the mother river. When a River Serpent wishes to nest, which happens only once every two hundred years, the male serpent will dig out a huge nesting area which we call a lake or billabong. The female lays one egg and stays in the lake for the ten years it takes to hatch.

Ogre - Garbage Guts - Australian Mythology by Ian CoateNAME: Garbage Guts
(very low)

Garbage Guts are nocturnal creatures that live by eating rubbish. Despite their scary appearance, they are gentle creatures. They could easily be turned into pets if you can stand their smell, their bad breath, their complete lack of table manners and their seagull scout. To survive, Garbage Guts have formed a unique relationship with the common seagull. The seagull searches to find rubbish for the Garbage Guts to eat. In return, the Garbage Guts provide the seagull with a safe home, by turning their hair into a nest. At night Garbage Guts search the streets for rubbish to eat. If you wake up to find something has gone through your bin and rubbish lies everywhere, you have probably been visited by the local Garbage Guts.


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Australian GremlinNo.1: Which wetland mythocreat is a species of gremlin and sneaks into people's houses and hides their things and steals odd socks?

A: A Scallywag. B: A Feral-Fairy. C: A Twerp.

Australian BunyipNo.2: Which odd mythocreat lives in swamps, lays silver eggs and does a daggy-dance every full moon?

A: A Draggle. B: A Jitterbug. C: A Halfwit.

Lily LurkerNo.3: What wetland splog has an unique camouflage and can make people dream of the future?

A: Toadstool Toady. B: Mossy. C: Lily Lurker.


Magic Creatures Australia Mythocreatology Book

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"Mytho Moment"

Always be careful when taking photos close to waterholes in Australia?

Touch picture to find out why.


Aussie Wetlands

Australia's Longest River
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