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Australian Magic Creatures by Ian Coate

Terra- An Australian Magic Creature by Ian CoateNAME: Terra
SPECIES TYPE: Greater Griffin

The Terra is well named for it is one of the world’s fiercest mythocreats. Their roar is like thunder, their strength is prodigious, their golden hide is one of the hardest substances on earth and their feathers are like sheet metal. Terras are actually Griffins, the greatest species of Griffins the world has ever known.
This magnificent mythocreat lives high in the remote ranges of Australia. Terras are very territorial and guard their nest with such ferocity that even dragons will not go near. Foolhardy TreasureHunters hunt the Terra for their golden hide for it is stronger than most metals yet lighter than cloth. Terra hide is widely sort after for making bullet proof armour; however, the Terras are very fond of their hide and they take it personally when someone tries to steal it.


Dizzy Wizzy- An Australian Magical Creature by Ian CoateNAME: Dizzy-Wizzy

This charming little mythocreat gets great delight by jumping from tree tops and twirling in a helicopter fashion to the ground. Dizzy-Wizzies have thick green hair that looks like a mohawk, but in fact is a natural parachute which makes them spin to the ground. Dizzy-Wizzies don’t just jump for pleasure. As they twirl to the ground, they store all the dizziness for defensive purposes. When a snake, bird, cat or dog tries to snatch them, they shoot their dizziness at the attacker. Instantly the attacker becomes very sick and pale. This explains why your pet gets sick and throws up for no apparent reason. When they feel threatened, Dizzy-Wizzies have been known to shoot unsuspecting people with their sick spell.

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Icy QuollNo.1: Which mega marsupial can fly and lives in caves on mountaintops?

A: A Leaponayoo. B: A Drop Bear. C: An Icy Quoll.

Australian GenieNo.2: Which sky mythocreat is a species of genie who is often mistaken for a mirage?

A: An Air-o-guard. B: A Beauty Bottler. C: A Smoko.

Lucky StreakNo.3: Which elusive sky mythocreat will cause the person who captures it to win every competition they enter?

A: A Happy-go-lucky. B: A Two Up. C: A Lucky Streak.


Sky Creatures

This book is filled with amazing Sky Mythocreats like: Icy Quolls, Lightning Dragons, Hawkers, Lucky Streaks & Terras. Plus incredible information that will astound you.


Rainbow DragonDownload & Print "Colour-in"

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Colour-in the mythocreat known as a 'Rainbow Dragon'.

Rainbow Dragons only venture out in the rain to seek the rare rainflower on which to feed. Once a certain quantity has been digested, they immediately fly back to their lair, leaving a magnificent coloured arch in the sky which we call a rainbow.

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"Mytho Moment"

You'll be lucky for a whole week if you're fast enough to touch the Lucky-Streak.


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