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The following photos and film footage have been sent to us by members of the public. Everything below is 100% legitimate - except for the fabricated stuff .


Alleged 'Drop Bear' Photos - 1955

Drop Bear Sighting Australian Bigfoot PhotoDrop Bears

The controversial 'Australian Bigfoot' photos taken in 1955, near Marysville, by Dr Paul Staker.

These images caused heated debate as to whether they were actually an adult drop bear or Humphrey B. Bear before his first television appearance.


Alleged 'River Serpent' Photo - 1957

Cryptozoology Australian Loch Ness MonsterPhoto taken by Mr Ralf Biggs - Kunnunurra - 1957 - whilst on a fishing trip.

He also claims he nearly caught the monster - but it got away.


Alleged 'Terra' Photo - 2011

Australian CreaturesPhoto taken by Mrs Betty Smith of a Terra gliding above the still waters of Lake Eyre.

She says it snatched a kangaroo for its dinner before flying off north.


Drop bears AustraliaAlleged 'Drop Bear' Photo -2003

Another photo near Marysville of a drop bear caught in the act of dropping.

This photo was taken by Eileen Mennen just before her husband was knocked to the ground.


Alleged Hoop Snake Photo - 2005

Hoop SnakesAn accidental photo of a hoop snake caught zooming past west of Fitzroy Crossing.



Alleged 'Icy Quoll' Photo - 1966

Australian Dropbears and morePhoto taken by Ms Jan Bodall at Mount Buller whilst on a skiing trip.

She claims the Icy Quoll flew into the scrub half way down the mountain.


Alleged 'Shark Serpent' Photo - 2001

Serpent Photo CryptozoologyOn a coastal flight near Broome in 2001, Pilot Derek Right took this amazing photo of what could be a Shark Serpent swimming in a shallow estuary or a strange smudge on his window.


Alleged 'Bushwhacker' Photo - 1941

Cryptozoology Australian Bigfoot PhotoThis Bushwhacker photo was taken in 1941, near Wagga Wagga, by Sir John Albert.

This photo proves the existence of Bushwhackers or that cows can walk upright.


Australain Magical Creature SightingAlleged 'Old Codger' Photo - 2010

While taking a photo of a wombat in 2010 near Launceston, Mrs H. Pimble claims she accidentally snapped a rare picture of the elusive Old Codger of the Bush.


Alleged 'Hemu' Photo - 1966

Australian Magic Creature SightingA rare picture of a hemu guarding his flock of emus.

Mr Tom Patcher snapped this photo in 1968 at the Flinders Ranges then was immediately pecked upon.


Mancroc sighting CryptozoologyAlleged 'Mancroc' Photo - 2007

During a terrifying night camped at a billabong in Wadeye, 2007, Ms Mary Longbottom took this snap of one of Australia's biggest snapper, the Mancroc.

Ms Longbottom survived the night, the same can not be said for her yappy, little dog and noisy generator.


Australian Magical CreaturesAlleged Gloom Photo - 2010

A Gloomy day at the beach. This recent photo of a Gloom was taken by Mr Gary Taylor near Port Headland, WA.

Mr Taylor said he was pretty happy about the sighting but after a minute or so around the gloom he felt rather depressed.


If you have a photo sighting or have captured an Australia's magic creature on film (or just made one up for laughs), please send it to us at: so we can post it on this website. We will happily credit your name next to your sighting.


Gumnut Person People

Actual Video Footage will soon be placed on this page.

Please come back soon to see this new feature.

Drop Bear SightingIn the meantime, PRESS HERE to view the film footage of renowned MythoCreatologist, Professor Jack A. Roo as he tracks the elusive Drop Bear and does his bit to get rid of Australia's Feral Fairy problem.
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