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Beach Dragon - An Australian Magic Creature by Ian CoateNAME: Beach Dragon
SPECIES TYPE: Greater Dragon

Australia has probably the most interesting species of Dragons in the world. Beach Dragons are a prime example. This regal Dragon is truly the ‘King of the Surf’. Millions of years ago, this amazing breed of Dragon loved swimming in the ocean so much, they decided to give up the sky. As time passed, their wings and body evolved into the sleek, torpedo shape they are today. Their surfboard-like wings allow better movement and balance through the water.
When the ocean is calm, Beach Dragons swim (using their wings as sails) back to their hidden cave on one of many remote beaches. Here they will lay their eggs and hibernate until the following cyclone season. Treasure Hunters would love to find a Beach Dragon’s hidden cave. It is said that a Beach Dragon’s nest is made purely from all the sunken treasure they have found on the bottom of the ocean.

Ocean Current - Australian Magic creature by Ian CoateNAME: Ocean Current
SPECIES TYPE: Greater Water Elemental

Never swim where the Ocean Currents swim. Though Ocean Currents are beautiful and graceful mythocreats, they are also extremely dangerous. These huge creatures move through the seven seas at great speed, always leaving a great wake which turns into a rip, current or eddy. If you are caught in an Ocean Current’s wake you can quickly get swept out into the ocean. So remember: it is not a safe place for you to go swimming where the Ocean Currents swim. Lifesavers can identify the wake of an Ocean Current. You know you are safe if you swim between the flags on the beach. Ocean Currents are a powerful force in the ocean, even a Shark Serpent will not tangle with one. If Ocean Currents are attacked, they can draw on their sea magic for a burst of super speed to create a whirlpool.

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BeholderNo.1: Which giant sea mythocreat lives in the deep oceans surrounding Australia and is the world's largest species of beholder?

A: A Jelly Belly. B: A Zone Zooid. C: An Ocean Current.

Flipperty JibbertNo.2: What sea mythocreat spends their entire summer in search of the perfect pearl?

A: A Seawig. B: A Flipperty Jibbert. C: A Squiz.

Little NipperNo.3: What sea mythocreat checks the salt levels in rock pools, trims the seaweed, makes the oyster beds and exercises the mussels?

A: A Little Nipper. B: A Reefer. C: A Rip Snorter.


Sea Creatures from Australia Flipperty Jibbert Flipperty Jibbert

This book is filled with amazing Sea Mythocreats like: Ocean Angels, Flipperty Jibberts, Seawigs, Beach Dragons & Devilrays. Plus incredible information that will astound you.


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Seawigs use camouflage as their primary defence against predators. If a hungry fish swims by, Seawigs grab onto the reef or bury their body in the sand so they appear to be just another clump of seaweed.

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Australian Mermaid*****

"Mytho Moment"

The clumsy Squiz is the reason why there are so many shells on our beaches.

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Australian Sea creatures by Ian Coate

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