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Fair DinkumNAME: Fair Dinkum
SPECIES TYPE: Earth Elemental

Fair Dinkums are Australia’s only Oracle. They may look slow witted, but they are in fact the most intelligent mythocreat in Australia. Fair Dinkums can draw on their great mountain magic to answer any question. They are believed to live for thousands of years. They only eat once every twenty years. When they do eat, they can easily eat a whole hill. Fair Dinkum’s diamond teeth are crucial for chewing rocks to powder in order to extract the minerals within.
Fair Dinkums can remain motionless for decades. It doesn’t take long before they are completely covered by dirt, leaves, moss and plants. Fair Dinkums will hide because they have a curse. If you find a Fair Dinkum in the bush they are obligated to answer your question - but only one. That is why Fair Dinkums go to great lengths to camouflage themselves.


Billyo- Australian Magic Creature by Ian CoateNAME: Billyo
SPECIES TYPE: Unicorn (cousin)

The Billyo is one of the fastest mythocreats in Australia. Not much is known about this regal creature because they never hang around long enough to be studied. What is known is that they are nomadic mythocreats that sleep during the day (usually under rocky outcrops or in the cool of a cave) and at night are very active, racing across the desert leaving a brilliant silver streak behind.
Due to TreasureHunters hunting Billyos for their horns of silver, this magical creature is now on the endangered mythocreat list - their herd numbers less than 300.
Once every month, when the moon is full, all the Billyos gather. Once all the herd is together, they race across the desert, going from one mountain range to another, playing follow the leader. This is known as the Billyo-Train and is one of the most amazing spectacles that can be witnessed in Australia’s magical kingdom.

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Wild ThingNo.1: Which cute mythocreat is also one of Australia's most feared when they swarm together to form a plague?

A: A Wild Thing. B: A Feral-Fairy. C: A Doodackie.

Rock ElementalNo.2: Which rock elemental, known as the one-armed-bandit, robs people so it can eat their spare change?

A: The Rockheads. B: The Scrubbers. C: The Pokies.

UnicornNo.3: What mythocreat is a cousin to the unicorn and is one of the worlds fastest four-legged creatures?

A: A Streaker. B: A Billyo. C: A Hoon.


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Fair Dinkums may look slow witted, but they are in fact the most intelligent mythocreat in Australia. Fair Dinkums can draw on their great mountain magic to answer any question.

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"Mytho Moment"

Wake the sleeping Rockhead.

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