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MythoCreatologist - Australia Fantasy - By Ian CoateMythoCreatologist:
(MYTHO + CREATOLOGY + IST) n. one who is engaged in the study of MythoCreatology.

MythoCreatologists are exceptionally talented humans who have been trained at the College of MythoCreatology to study, protect and preserve Australia’s magical creatures (mythocreats).  Since the College opened, fewer than a hundred people have been selected to undergo this rigorous course.  The training is intense because Australia’s magical frontier can be an unforgiving and deadly place.  MythoCreatologists, like all humans, are forbidden the use of magic. They must also refrain from using modern gadgets because magical creatures are fearful of modern technology. This leaves MythoCreatologists vulnerable to the dangers they face in Australia’s magical frontier and, for this reason, they must be trained to become highly skilled in all forms of martial arts and matters of bush craft. It takes seven years to become a Graduate MythoCreatologist, another ten years to become a Master and a further ten to become a Grand Master.

College of MythoCreatology - Magical Australia by Ian CoateThe College of MythoCreatology

The College of MythoCreatology is the largest educational facility in the world. The College has been continuously growing since its construction as thousands upon thousands of mythocreats come to study the deeper knowledge of their culture. Today, the College is more like a city whose major purpose is the pursuit of wisdom. It has the greatest diversity of magical creatures in one location. The ‘Peace Treaty’ allows all mythocreats access to study or teach -no matter their class.
Since the College’s completion, approximately one hundred humans have also been invited to enrol. However, to the College’s immense embarrassment, some students on the MythoCreatologist’s path have fallen from their calling and become TreasureHunters. They now hunt Australia’s mythocreats for personnel gain. Today, one of the Colleges main functions is to train new MythoCreatologists to protect Australia’s mythocreats from the rogue TreasureHunters.

Treasure Hunter - College of MythoCreatology - Magical Australia by Ian CoateTreasureHunter:
(TREASURE + HUNTER) n. one who once was a MythoCreatologist but now hunts mythocreats for their treasure.

TreasureHunters are MythoCreatologists gone astray. Whilst serving and protecting Australia’s mythocreats, they have discovered the great riches that many of this country’s magical creatures posses and greed has entered their hearts. The knowledge and skill entrusted to them is now used for personnel gain in hunting down the mythocreats for their treasure.
TreasureHunters, as with MythoCreatologists, are martial arts experts, weapon masters and have an extensive knowledge of magical biology. However, as MythoCreatologists forgo things of technology to gain the trust of mythocreats, TreasureHunters embrace technology to assist them in searching, trapping and killing magical creatures. TreasureHunters consider mythocreats as a bounty to be sold to the highest bidder or butchered for their treasure.
Once a TreasureHunter has turned from the MythoCreatologist path they lose their ability to ‘Power Call’. However, there are a few cases where TreasureHunters have rejoined the ranks MythoCreatologists and regained their Call.

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Points of Interest

Magic is strictly forbidden to all mankind (humans have been given the higher power of technology). Magic is a mysterious source of power given exclusively to mythocreats.  More information on magic can be found in Mythocreat information.

Power Call - 'Coooo-eeee'
When a MythoCreatologist calls for aid by 'Cooo-eeeing', mythocreats (magical creatures) in the vicinity must respond. However, the strength of the mythocreat that answers depends on the level of the MythoCreatologist :
Apprentice MythoCreatologist - Minor mythocreats will answer.
Graduate MythoCreatologist - Medium mythocreats will answer.
Master MythoCreatologist - Major mythocreats will answer.
Grand Master MythoCreatologist - Even spouse and kids will answer.

(Note: When a MythoCreatologist becomes a TreasureHunter - they lose their Power Call.)

MagpieAll flying birds have been commanded by their respective king and queens (Majestics) to aid and guard every MythoCreatologist at any cost. When a MythoCreatologist is in the field all the local birds are on the constant lookout for danger and, at the first sign, will immediately warn the MythoCreatologist. Any creature that attacks a MythoCreatologist can expect to be swooped from all directions.

Australian DuckWhen a MythoCreatologist graduates, they are assigned a bird partner (bird-mate) to help them in their many duties. Their bird mate could be anything from an eagle, hawk, falcon, or if they’re unlucky, a galah (the truth is, just like cricketers, MythoCreatologists don’t like getting a duck and, just like golfers, everyone wants an eagle).  However, the choice is made by the Majestic Council. 

Budgies in flightMythoCreatologists do a large percentage of their communication via the bird-net. Since MythoCreatologists have forgone the use of mobile phones (in the interest of better relations with the mythocreats) the birds have offered to be their messengers.  This has actually proven to be a more effective way of communicating because in the middle of nowhere you can never get a signal; however, there is always a bird around.

Mythos (Mythocreatologists) need a extensive knowledge of Australia's bird life. Do you know the answers to the following questions?

The world's deadliest bird inhabits Australia, which one is it?Worlds deadliest bird
Which Australian Bird has the longest bill in the world? Longest Bill
Which Australian bird laughs like a man and is known to eat snakes? Australian Birds
Which nest belongs to the Willie Wagtail? Willie Wagtail

Willie Wagtail Did you know there is a hidden willie wag-tail in most pictures on this web site?

See if you can spot them .


Australian Childrens Book

The First MythoCreatologist

The true-blue tale on how it all began.

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