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Mythocreat Information

Mythocreat, (MYTHO+CREAT) n. A. an abbreviated term for a mythical creature. B. a creature of the order of magic. C. a magical being. D. a magical creature that truly exists in myths or fables


Magic is strictly forbidden to all mankind who were granted the power of science and technology. Magic is a mysterious source of power given exclusively to the mythocreats. 
Magic can be separated into nine groups:

Bush magic: the magic of growth (source of magic-wood).
Cave magic: the magic of depth (source of magic-mineral).
Desert magic: the magic of reduction (source of magic-sand).
Mountain magic: the magic of predictability (source of magic-rock).
Old world magic: the magic of the past (source of magic-mystic energy).
Sea magic: the magic of wildness (source of magic-salt).
Sky magic: the magic of impulsiveness (source of magic-air).
Shadow magic: the magic of anonymity (source of magic-darkness).
Wetland magic: the magic of plenty (source of magic-water).

Mythocreat's Source of Magic & Weakness

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Mythocreats can move into any environment provided they have the power to do so: wings, legs, gills, etc.  However, certain mythocreats become weak when entering certain environments.  Example: bush magic is scarce within the desert.  Bush mythocreats that enters the desert will feel weak. Shadow mythocreats are more powerful at night but they can move around in the day.  Also, certain mythocreats have dominancy over another of a different environment.  

Bush mythocreats lose power in the desert and are weak against Desert Mythocreats
Desert mythocreats lose power in the wetlands and are weak against Wetland Mythocreats
Wetland mythocreats lose power in the mountains and are weak against Mountain Mythocreats
Mountain mythocreats lose power in the sea and are weak against Sea Mythocreats
Sea mythocreats lose power in the sky and are weak against Sky Mythocreats
Sky mythocreats lose power in the caves and are weak against Cave Mythocreats
Cave mythocreats lose power in the bush and are weak against Bush Mythocreats
Shadow mythocreats lose power in the daylight and are weakened by light.
Old world mythocreats can move anywhere without loss of power.
All Mythocreats are weak against technology and the UNQUENCHABLE FIRE



When the Staff of Thunder was broken into eight pieces, eight immensely powerful mythocreats were created and each were given a piece to guard. They were also given the responsibility to rule this country's magical creatures and in time became to be known as the Vanguards (First Guards or Ruling Guards).
The Vanguards are formed from the very elements they obtain their magic from: the Evergreen is made from wood, the Mountaineer from rock, the Seafarer from Salt, the Cavein from metal, the Overflow from water, the Desolate from sand, the Tempest from air and the Wicked from darkness.
The Vanguards can appear wherever their element exists and size does not matter to a Vanguard, they can either appear great or small depending on how much of their element is in the vicinity.
Vanguards have only two senses: sight and hearing. They have no sense of smell, no sense of taste and feel neither pain or pleasure. However, what they lack in senses they make up for in power. The only mythocreat more powerful than the Vanguards is the ninth Disaster known as the Unquenchable Fire which is held in reserve to punish the Vanguards should they ever get out of line.


Every Continent has its own species of Dragons. Like lizards and snakes, Australia has probably the most interesting and diverse species of Dragons in the world. They range from the colossal Dust Storm Dragon to the tiny Leaf Dragon.
In other countries, Dragons are rightly feared for their strength and ferociousness; but in Australia, Dragons often have to be on their best behaviour simply because they are not on top of the food chain. Whilst they are immensely powerful and magnificent, Australia has many dangerous mythocreats that would happily put a Dragon on a spit for dinner and seek another for breakfast.


The Disasters are the nine spirits of destruction. Eight of these Disasters are given to the eight Vanguards to keep their mythocreat subjects in line. The ninth Disaster, the Unquenchable Fire, is held in reserve to keep the Vanguards in line. Disasters are the most destructive creatures in all creation; man coming a close second.
These short lived spirits cause immeasurable damage in their brief lives. When a Disaster is summoned and enters the ocean it becomes a Tsunami, when one enters the atmosphere it becomes a Cyclone, a mountain - a Volcano, the earth - a Quake. For this reason, no Vanguard wants to release their Disaster without a great cause; however, mythocreats are much like humans when they take the wrong path: a Disaster is the only thing that seems to get their attention. We humans may complain that we are the innocent victims of Disasters being summoned to punish disobedient mythocreats; however, it should be fairly noted that our wars to punish disobedient nations have caused much more casualties to innocent mythocreats.


Bugalugs are the mythocreats of the microscopic world. Every environment has its species of Bugalugs. They coexist with us and effect our daily lives yet are not visible to the human eye. It is interesting to note that Bugulugs are just as unaware of our existence as we are of their’s.
Bugalugs live in our beds, our computers, our cars and our garbage. They can make us sick, dream and fall in love When we have a bug in the system, be it our body or our hardware, we are going to have major problems. Bugalugs, in their own microscopic ways, can cause more trouble than the nine Disasters.


Serpents are gigantic snake-like mythocreats that can be found in every environments around the globe. As with most reptilian creatures, Australia has the deadliest and most spectacular species of Serpents in the world. This statement is concurred by all Australian MythoCreatologist.

These are the mythocreats that have been discovered to date.
(Only a percentage of these mythocreats have been categorized.)

A – Angry Ant, Ankle Biter, Aqua-tic, Argy-Bargy, Aussie Bleeder, Av-a-go B – Babbler, Backblock, Back Stabber, Bad Penny, Bailup, Bangtail, Barfly, Battler, Berko, Beauty Bottler, Billyo, Bitser, Black Stump, Blighter, Blinder, Blow-in, Bludger, Bluey, Big Bickies, Bingle, Bitser, Boarish, Bobby Dazzler, Bodgie, Bog, Bogan, Bonza, Bowyangs, Brinny, Broomie, Bubs, Buckaroo, Buddy, (Bugalugs: Bed, Buckly’s, Bugaboo, Computer, Jitter, Litter, Love, Sick), Bulldadash, Bush Hag,  Bushwhacker, Bushy, Buster. C – Carkit, Chalkie, Cloud Maker, Coldie, Copycat, Cossie, Chewie, Chippie, Chockers, Chucker, Chunder, Cobber, Clobber, Codswallop, Corker, Cracker, Cramp, Cranky, Creep, Creepy-Crawly, Crikey D – Damper, Dawdler, Dead-set, Derro, Deserter, Devilray, Dingbat, (Disasters: Cyclone, Famine, Flood, Pestilence, Plague, Tsunami, Unquenchable Fire, Volcano), Dizzy-Wizzy, Dobber, Dodgy, Dogger, Dooverlackie, Draggle, (Dragons: Beach, Billabong, Bone, Bush, Cave, Coral, Dust Storm, Forest, Leaf, Lightning, Mist, Pebble, Puddle, Rainbow, Reef, Rock, Shadow, Snow, Speckle, Swamp, Thorny, Tin, Wind, Zombie), Dribbler, Drongo, Drop Bear, Dumper, Dunga, Dust Angel, Dust Devil E – Eager-Beaver, Earbasher, Early-Bird, Echo, Eerie, Egghead, Emu-Bobber, Evil-Eye F - Fair Dinkum, Fallen Starfish, Fella, Fence Sitter, Feral-Fairy, Fernhead, Fizzer, Flaming Idiot, Flipperty-Jibbert, Flim Flam, Flog, Floozy, Fly-blown, Forrester, Forgetmenut, Fossick, Fracus, Freebee, Frost, Furphy G – Garbageguts, Geek, Ghastly, Giant, Gibber, Ginormouse, Gloom, Gob, Goer, Golden Dig, Gooley, Gotcha Mound, Grasshair, Green-Envy, Greenie, Gripper, Grizzleguts, Grommet, Grot, Grubber, Gruesome, Grumblebum, Gunna, Gurgler, Gyp H - Halfwit, Happy-Go-Lucky, Hardnut, Hard-Yakka, Hawker, (Heads: Air, Boof, Dead, Hot, Metal, Rev, Rock, Sleepy, Thick, Wooden), Hechidna, Heebie-Jeebie, Hemu, Hill Tortoise, Hooligan, Hoon, Horrid, Howzat, Humdinger I - Icy Quoll, Iffy, Illywhacker, Imp-ede, Ingrate, Insider, Irk, Irrits, Ironclad, Ironman, Ironmole, Ironmonger, Itch J – Jelly-Belly, Jerk, Jimjam, Jonic, Jube, Jumper K – Kafuffle, Kaput, Kerfunk, Kiddie-wink, Killjoy, Kip, Knackered, Knockabout, Knockback L – Laggard, Lairy, Larrikin, Lazybones, Layabout, Leaponayoo, Leatherneck, Legless, Lily Lurker, Little Nipper, Lounger, Lout, Lucky Streak M –Madcap, Maggoty, Magmaman, Magnoon, Majestic, Malady, Mancroc, Mantrap, Marsuper, Meanie, Miser, Missing link, Mollydooker, Morbid, Morning Dew, Mossy, Motza, Mud Slinger, Mug, N – Nag, Narky, Nefarious, Nicnak, Nightmare, Nincompoop, Ningnong, Ninny, Nitty-Gritty, Nob, Noggin, Numskull, Nutter O - Ocean Angel, Ocean Current, Ocker, Octoperson, Oi-Oi-Oi, Old Codger, Onya, Ooroo, Overlander P – Paddy, Party-Pooper, Piffle, Piker, Pins-n-neddles, Pipsqueak, Poddy-Dodger, Pokies, Pollie, Pond Punk, Praying Mantis, Prickly, Purler Q – Quack, Quibble, Quirk, Quitter, Quonger R – Rabbid, Razz, Reeferman, Reef Bilby, Reef Troll, Ridgy-Didge, Rib-tickler, Ringer, Ring-in, Ripper, Ripsnorter, Rockhead, Roomance, Rorter, Rotta, Rotgut, Roughnut, Rugrat, Rust Bucket, Ryebuck S - Sand Blaster, Sandman, Sand Ripper, Sand Witch, Scad, Scallywag, Scaredy Cat, Scorcher, Scrammy, Screamer, Scrubber, Sea Wig, Sea Stallion, (Serpents: Cloud, Dune, Mud, Night, River, Rockslide, Shark, Tree), Shanks Pony, Sheila, Shell Genie, Shelacking, Shrewdie, Shirker, Shocker, Shonky, Shoo-in, Sickie, Silly-Billy, Skerrick, Skite, Slacker, Slowpoke, Smoko, Smoodge, Snaffle, Snagger, Snitch, Snodger, Snotty Gobble, Sollicker, Sook, Sparkie, Sponger, Spinatrix, Spunk, Squatter, Squealer, Squib, Squiz, Stickman, Stickybeak, Stingy, Stinker, Stirrer, Stitch, Stonker, Stoush, Streaker, Strewth, Stroppy, Stubby, Stunned Mullet, Surfie, Swagman, Swamper, Sweetener, Swell, Swifty, Switcheroo T – Tall-Poppy, Tantie, Teeny Wee, Tenderfoot, Terra, Tetchy, Thuggish, Tinnie, Tizzy, Toadstool-Toady, Toey, Togs, Troppo, Twerp, Twit, Two Bob, Two Up, Tyre-kicker U – Uey, Umpire, Unco, Underdog, Uppitymuc, Upstart, Upter, Urger V – Vag, (Vanguards: The Cayvin, The Desolate, The Evergreen, The Mountaineer, The Overflow, The Seafarer, The Tempest, The Wicked), Vego, Viles, Vulgar W – Walkover, Walloper, Wally, Wannabee, Warby, Washer-Upper, Wave Rider, Whacko, Wharfie, Whoopydoo, Whinger, Wildflower, Wild Thing, Willy-Nilly, Wimp, Wisp, Wobbly, Worry Wart, Wowser, Wrinklie, Wuss X – X-krement, X-ray Bat, Xidna Y – Yabba, Yahoo, Yakka, Yarn Spinner, Yobbo, Yonnie, Yowler, Yucko, Yummo Z – Zambuck, Ziff, Zone Zooid, Zonk, Zoophyte

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