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Desert Creatures

Hooroo- Australian Magic CreatureNAME: Hooroo / Ooroo

The Ooroo is Australia’s biggest and nastiest breed of kangaroo. Luckily, the Terras have eaten most of them and now there is only a few left. The Ooroo is as mad as a march hare and a million times more dangerous. You can not reason with an Ooroo. They attack for no reason and destroy everything in their path. Only the very strongest would dare fight an Ooroo.
In the olden days, when this mythocreat was common, people lived in constant fear of an attack. When someone shouted, “Ooroo,” everyone stopped what they were doing, jumped on their horses and departed in a great hurry. You grabbed your family and ran. Everyone knew that it was time to leave when you heard someone shout, “Ooroo.”


Hoop Snake or HoopsnakesNAME: Hoop Snake
SPECIES TYPE: Pseudo-Serpent
(very low)

The Hoop Snake is a well known mythocreat of Australia.  It’s mode of transport is quite unique.  It swallows its tail forming a circle then propels itself through the outback like the hoop it’s named after.
Hoop Snakes are relatively harmless to humans and animals.  Its venom causes delusions which makes a person go loopy for a few days, (in this state many people have become lost in the bush).  However, to creatures of magic (mythocreats), Hoop Snake venom is a deadly toxin.
A little known fact about the Hoop Snake is on every full moon they spontaneously glow and roll around the Aussie outback looking for a good time.  When people see these strange lights they often mistake them for UFO’s, Will O’ the Wisps, or the mysterious Min Min lights.


Danger Rating


MinotaurNo.1: Which desert mythocreat grows larger the madder it gets and is related to the Greek minotaur?

A: The Boarish. B: The Angry Ant. C: The Hulk.

Dragon ThornyNo.2: Which species of dragon has wings sharp as axes and can chop down an entire forest in a matter of days?

A: Rock Dragon. B: Bush Dragon. C: Thorny Dragon.

Faun and satyrNo.3: What is the Australian species of satyr that has been driven mad by the harsh Aussie sun?

A: A Dingbat. B: A Nutter. C: A Silly Billy.


Australin Magic Creatures silly Billy Silly Billy

This book is filled with amazing Desert Mythocreats like: Thorny Dragon , Streaker & Hoop Snake. Plus incredible information that will astound you.


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Silly Billies are introduced creatures shipped from Greece to Australia; and, just like the cane toad, we can’t seem to get rid of them. The harsh Aussie sun has driven this species of satyr out of their mind causing them to be a right little nuisance.

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Silly Billy*****

"Mytho Moment"

What happens when a Silly-Billy teases an angry Boarish?

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