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Dragon Mist - Australian Dragon NAME: Mist Dragon

Mist Dragons are very lazy creatures. They spend most of their lives sleeping in their den. Mist Dragons would love to have hoards of treasure, but they are far to lazy to amass it. They find that it is easier to dream about a treasure hoard, than to actually go out and get one.
When a Mist Dragon sleeps and has a “Treasure Dream”, they snore great quantities of smoky vapour, which we call mist or fog. If the dream goes on and on, the mist can cover great portions of country and even engulf the cities. We then have to wait for a breeze to blow it all away.
Mist Dragons are very cunning and treacherous. They have a very slippery tongue that could make a politician proud.


Troglodyte - Clobber - Australian Mythical Creature by Ian CoateNAME: Clobber
SPECIES TYPE: Troglodyte

Clobbers are the reason why you don’t enter abandoned mines and hidden caves. As their name suggests, these cowardly little creatures sneak up behind people and clobber them. They also cause a great many cave-ins and rock slides.
Clobbers are nasty creatures that live in a tribal nest deep underground. They are very similar to ants, they have a Queen and a structured society. All Clobbers have a function. There are soldier Clobbers, worker Clobbers and even public servant Clobbers, (though we are uncertain of what function this last Clobber performs.)
Clobbers have gecko-like abilities that allow them to climb most surfaces. They avoid detection by staying completely still. Their dirty, scaly skin allows them to blend into their surroundings.


Danger Rating


No.1: Which Australian cave mythocreat is a species of mock-turtle and can sniff out gold nuggets.

A: A Nitty-Gritty. B: A Fossic. C: A Beauty Bottler.

Australian GoblinNo.2: Which cave mythocreat is an Australian species of goblin and gets up to all sorts of mischief?

A: A Twerp. B: A Piker. C: A Snotty-Gobble.

Mud SerpentNo.3: Which Australian Serpent moves through the earth like a worm and has large deposits of gold undigested in their stomach?

A: Sand Serpent. B: Rockslide Serpent. C: Mud Serpent.


Australian Children's book Cave Creatures

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When Mist Dragons sleep they snore great quantities of smoky vapour, which we call mist or fog. If they sleep for long periods, the mist can cover great portions of country and even engulf cities.

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Australian Cave*****

"Mytho Moment"

Australian caves are filled with Twerps and Creepy Crawlies.

Touch picture to flush them out.


Australian Cave Creatures
Australian Gold Nugget
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